iAgileTech Consulting Services :

The increasing competitiveness of the business market has resulted in the thrust of organizations towards scaling heights in terms of complexity and adapting of cutting edge technology and to practice them to leverage the best use of people, process and progress.

We offer business transformation services that cover a wide array of functions, domains and technology services. Our in-depth domain knowledge has helped and continues to help our business partner’s establishments to trounce the impedances that arise on a day to day basis. iAgileTech assistances in delivering technological solutions for increasing business effectiveness by presenting divergent business plans that aim at fine tuning the dexterity thereby upgrading and improving on the effectiveness of existing business processes in place.



Scale up your bank of talent rapidly through our Contract Hiring service. Save time and cost by side stepping irrelevant resumes. Deal only with verified profiles with reference checks in place, that promise value-add to your business goals.

We have been servicing the diverse staffing , consulting and implementation needs of the nation’s top institutions for almost a decade, so we understand that people are the driving force behind the growth and success of your business.

iAgileTech Advantages :

  • Minimize risk by testing an employee’s skills, work ethic and compatibility with your organization before making a long term commitment.
  • Enable the employee to similarly determine if she really wants to continue working with your organization.
  • Benefit from high turnover of potential candidates and flexibility of location.
  • Cut costs in the form of hiring process, training and benefits.
  • Get specialized or seasonal help only when you need it.